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Increase Website Traffic

Whether your customers are local or international, bring relevant traffic to your website using Pay-Per-Click (PPC). As an immediate paid advertising method through Google AdWords, PPC is a fast and cost effective form of advertising. At Pizzazz Group, we create PPC campaigns that focus on relevant traffic by limiting keywords, geography, time of day, etc. Most importantly, you’ll only pay a fee is when your ad is clicked.

We work diligently to test and optimize your Google AdWords account for continuous improvement in the performance of your campaigns. Our unified goal is to drive results and provide additional value to your business.

Pay Per Click

Making Google AdWords Management Simple

We’ll first get to know your goals, budget and geography. Based on those findings, we deliver a PPC strategy using keywords, well-written ads and landing page recommendations. The best part…traffic flow is immediate to your website. PPC gives a significant promotional boost to established businesses and is very beneficial for new businesses. Each month we make tweaks for greater results by providing reports and learnings for further growth.

PPC Pay Per Click

Keyword Selection

We strategically select keywords that are specific to the products and services your business provides. We’ll research what keywords are high performers that will drive relevant traffic to your website. As part of our keyword strategies, we craft ads that also incorporate your high-performing keywords.

Google Advertising

Creating Relevant Ads

Creating the right ads is one of the most important components of a successful PPC campaign. We focus on addressing the needs of your audience with a call-to-action that drives them to click. It’s important to take the customer to a compelling landing page that relates to the ad they clicked on to fully capture their attention.

Google Ads

Optimizing Landing Pages

First, you’ve captured the attention of a potential customer to click on your PPC ad so now it’s important to take them to a page that provides a final call-to-action. As a full-service marketing company, creating a landing page that is set up to produce conversions is our priority. We help you distinguish what conversions are most appropriate for each Google AdWords ad.

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Analyzing & Reporting

Each month we review and analyze the performance of your PPC ads. Based on our findings, we make adjustments to grow the success of the ad campaign. We provide our clients a transparent monthly performance report that provides campaign metrics. At that time, we’ll discuss your strategy plan for the following month.

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